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  • Email: info@earlyheightscollege.com

About EBGS

The integration and fusion of these two unique curricula in Early Heights College are to :

  • Prepare learners with knowledge and insight into the world that consists of an integrated whole or totality of complex systems,
  • develop learners to become confident and tolerant leaders for peace and democracy and,
  • to develop excellent inquiry knowledge based learners that will be able to function in any setting or country they ultimately find themselves in, by showing forth the light.

About Early Beginners Group of School (EBGS)

With the view to making the difference, Early Beginners Group of School has the passion and sincere commitment to a vision, mission and value statement. A statement that has crystallized into a reputation for the highest standard in education. This reputation has echoed beyond the shores of our nation. Today, the name Early Heights College, Early Beginners Int'l School or Early Beginners Private School is synonymous with excellence and quality.

We offer a perfect blend of the National, British and American Curriculums to the advantage of our pupils and students.
The Nigerian Curriculum prepares learners to understand and resolve problems in an African paradigm and context.

The British Curriculum, with an international/global and outcome-based educational approach, assists learners to function on the higher cognitive domains of learning, expecting learners to: 

  • Identify and solve problems by using and applying critical, creative and innovative thinking skills.
  • Be able to work effectively with other learners in a team or group.
  • Collect information, analyze, organize, and evaluate this in a critical manner.
  • Communicate effectively in several ways by means of visual, symbolic and/or language skills and other techniques.
  • Use science and cutting edge technology effectively and show a sense of responsibility in their application towards the environment and people in the community.

Our Mission

To provide an innovative curriculum, conducive environment & a committed work-force for the attainment of our goals.


  • To inculcate sound and moral education by promoting discipline among children, at the Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels.
  • To identify individual potentials in a child at the early stage of life and help to develop such special qualities.
  • To equip the child with necessary skills that will enable him/her fit into the immediate environment and the society at large.
  • To develop the child's intellectual skills and physical abilities as a foundation for the next level of education.
  • To identify the child's weaknesses and profer solution(s) to it at the early stage of life

Our Vision

To be a leading educational institution committed to producing empowered children that will positively change our generation.

Our Core Values

The value that will bind us together as a winning team to achieve our set vision are:

  • Integrity - Honesty and Transparency
  • Team Spirit - Team work, Celebrating Success
  • Respect for the Individuals - Courtesy, Empathy
  • Professionalism - Competence, Cognate, Knowledge and Research
  • Interpersonal Relationship - Pleasing personality, passion, patience, positive attitude, people oriented, promptitude and public minded.

Our Customers

For enquiries, complaints about our schools and services, please contact us via this link.

About Us

With the view to making the difference, Early Beginners Group of Schools believe that educating a child is a comprehensive task that comprises not only the academic aspect but also incorporate extra curricular activities like sports. The school is a co-educational DAY and BOARDING school which is aimed to provide a safe, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment so that all pupils and students are motivated to achieve the highest standards of which each is capable.

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